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Interview with author Raven McAllan... *GIVEAWAY*

Hi Raven! It's great to have you here and to be a part of your ongoing tour - I am looking forward to learning more about you and your work. Let's get started with my questions...

1.)              What is the strangest talent you have?
I can write (badly) with a pencil between my toes. The best is being able to block out everything and everybody when I write. Very useful on a plane journey.

2.)              What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?
As a child it was always something ordinary. Guising (the Scottish version of trick and treat I guess.) wasn’t a big thing. We just went to the neighbours, recited a poem or sang and got an orange or a few peanuts. As an adult? I’ve only been to one Halloween party. I was a ballet dancer. (Boring I know. Now I think of it, my other half was a Regency Gentleman. I must put that into a time slip novel. ;))
As we live out in the sticks, my children didn’t go guising around where we live, but usually went to a disco at school. I was just the taxi driver.

3.)              Are the titles of your books important?
Yes, very. I like to think they give you a hint and a tease about what the story is about. A title is as important as the blurb.

4.)              If you’re struggling with a scene or difficult character, what methods help you through it?
Eat chocolate, ignore them and write something else. Moan to my mate on skype, and open a bottle of wine. I don’t stress. It will or will not get sorted.

5.)              Do you prefer dog, cats or none of the above?
We had cats for about 30 years, until a couple of years ago. Then when our last one died we made the decision not to have more pets. My husband often travels for work, and we also enjoy our holidays. It’s not fair on the pets.

6.)              Who’s your favourite author? Why?
I plead the 5th. I don’t want to upset anyone. However, I enjoy Doreen Tovey and her books about her Siamese cats, and Miss Read and her tales of village life. Romance wise it depends on my mood.

7.)              Do you have a pet peeve?
It changes. At the moment it’s restaurants that say they do a full gluten free menu, and then offer you a green salad. Also, I can not stand spitting, people who meander down the pavement three abreast and don’t want to move to let others past and ripen at home fruit. It never does.

8.)              Do you remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning?
Some of them. I keep a notebook in the Ensuite so if an idea for a book hits me I can jot it down. I never remember those. I still remember a nightmare from when I was about five. All tied in with school, a man on a machine that tore up tarmac, (and would mark naughty children) and using the wrong cloakroom. Why I have no idea.

The Duke’s Temptation by Raven McAllan

Publisher         Totally Bound

Raven’s page there

Pub dates        Pre order                     10 October
                        Early download          24 October
                        General release            21 November

            Tortured duke Gibb Alford has vowed never to love again... until a beautiful French knife thrower brings him to his knees
When Gibb Alford, Duke of Menteith, saves a beautiful French knife thrower from the unwanted attentions of a fellow aristocrat he is ill-prepared for the immediate tug of attraction to the beautiful Evangeline. Widowed, he has sworn off love forever, so he can well do without this temptation.
Evangeline certainly doesn’t want the complication of being in the sights of one smoky-eyed Scottish Duke. She’s a lady on a mission, with no time for love or dalliance.
However, fate and life have other plans and gradually Gibb and Evangeline become a couple.
As each struggle with the demons of their pasts, Evangeline finds life in the ton difficult. The spurned aristocrat Gibb saved her from, is not prepared to give in and retire gracefully. And while Gibb fights the man, he also declares war on his own emotions. When Evangeline’s past is revealed to her, everything changes. She has a decision to make.
Fight for Gibb—or flee to a safe but unfulfilled future.
As for her Duke… All is fair in love and war—right?

Raven’s bio and nosy links
Well what can I say?
I'm growing old disgracefully and loving it.
Dh and I live on the edge of a Scottish forest, and rattle around in a house much too big for us.
Our kids have grown up and flown the nest, but roll back up when they want to take a deep breath and smell the daisies so to speak.
I write in my study, which overlooks the garden and the lane. I'm often seen procrastinating, by checking out the wild life, looking—only looking—at the ironing basket and assuring tourists that indeed, I'm not the bed and breakfast. That would mean cooking fried eggs without breaking the yolks, and disturbing the dust bunnies as they procreate under the beds. Not to be thought of.
Being able to do what I love, and knowing people get pleasure from my writing is fantastic. Long may it last.

 http://amzn.to/2r3i55e     (Amazon. com page)
http://amzn.to/2r32baI      (Amazon UK)


This giveaway is for 2 prizes, a paperback copy of one of Raven's previous Regency books, “The Earl and the Courtesan” which is UK only and a Ecopy which is open Internationally.

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Finding Justice book 1 in the Templeton Cove series is ON SALE!!

As Finding Justice is currently 99c in the US, I am hoping a lot of readers will grab a bargain and start my popular Templeton Cove series - the cast has grown and grown but the characters from Finding Justice will always have a special place in my heart. Here are a few of your questions (blurb & buy links follow):

What was the inspiration behind 'Finding Justice'?

It was the setting more than the story that inspired “Finding Justice” – although Templeton Cove is a fictional town, it’s based on places I went on holiday as a child. I knew I wanted to write a romantic suspense and the murdered victim would be a friend of the heroine.

Later Cat Forrester became a cop who already knew the hero and he was also a close friend of the victim. It became a triangle that had lots of fodder for romance, suspense and interest. Little did I know it would be book one in an ongoing series J

What kind of research did you have to do for it?

Not much at all – I know the setting well and the rest of the story I drew from my emotional reaction to what was happening. My contemporary stories come very much from my own views and moral stance so I find they tend to write themselves as far as internal conflict is concerned.

It’s the plotting the suspense that causes me the trouble!

Which character spoke to you the most?

Cat Forrester – the heroine. She was very clear in my head early on. Once I knew she had red hair and was a cop, I knew she was going to be a handful for my hero. I LOVED writing her and Cat has kept popping up throughout the following stories. She’s fabulous!

To which character do you best relate?

See above – Cat’s loyalty and need to take care of everyone is very much the type of person I am. I’m not as brave and forthright as her though – thus the reason I’m a writer and not a cop, LOL! But her emotions and moral compass are pretty much mine too.

Sergeant Cat Forrester lives by her own set of rules. When her childhood friend is murdered, Cat's world is thrown into chaos. Especially because Jay Garrett-a man from her past-is a suspect, and he needs her help to prove he's innocent. After all they once shared, how can she say no? 

The attraction flares between them, and getting involved with a suspect is a huge risk. But the more time Cat spends with Jay, the stronger the tug on her heart. He is the same caring, irresistible man she remembers. Yet she can't let her emotions interfere with the case—solving it is top priority. But as she digs deeper, she discovers Jay has secrets that may jeopardize any possible future together.


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Introducing A Model Engagement by Charlotte O'Shay... *GIVEAWAY*

A Model Engagement
by Charlotte O'Shay


GENRE:   Contemporary Romance



Lacey Reed jumps at the chance for independence with a career in the big city. But her naivety and ambition blind her to the lure of a blackmailer. With her savings gone, she has nowhere to turn when she literally runs into financier Connor Devlin.

Though dazzled by Lace y, Connor sees the desperation she tries to hide. His gut tells him to help, and he hires her as his fake fiancée. Now Lacey has a job, and Connor has put a bandage on a family crisis.

When the blackmailer ups the ante, Lacey resolves to face him down—no matter what the consequences. Does that mean Lacey will lose the only man who’s ever seen who she truly is?



What Part of No Don’t You Understand?

Lacey Lee Reed was at the type of event, which for years had been, if not her life’s blood, then at least her meal ticket. Anyone who knew her, or thought they did, would say she was in her element—smack dab in the middle of a society party with every A-lister in New York in attendance.

But she couldn’t breathe.

The combination of exotic perfumes and expensive colognes in the warm room hit her harder than the kick of a mule. She swayed on her five-inch heels.

Focus, Lacey. You will not have a panic attack in the middle of your best friend’s wedding.

She pasted on a smile as she scanned the sparkling sea of Prada, Gucci and Dior visible over his head, scoping out her escape.

She inhaled again, slower this time, then eased out a steady, candle-extinguishing breath. Ridiculous to feel trapped. Another focused breath. She wasn’t alone. Not by a long shot.

She was in the middle of the most enormous ballroom the Pierre Hotel possessed at one of the splashiest New York City weddings in decades. The VIP crowd was nothing new, nothing she couldn’t handle.

It was individual people that creeped her out.

The old Lacey would have told this SOB staring straight into her cleavage where to go. Politely and with every bit of the charm her mama taught her. But that was the old Lacey. Current day Lacey’s head was spinning, just like it had that one time when they were thirteen and she and Mandy snuck a cigarette out by Mandy’s grandparents’ barn. That memory put a genuine smile on her lips.

Against her every instinct she extended her hand.

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Calloway.” The manners drummed into her through generations of Reed grandmas meant she remembered his name, met his lascivious eyes, and continued to smile even as she yanked her chilled hand from his too-familiar grip.

Their three-minute conversation had gone two and half minutes too long. Lacey had learned, at long last, to trust her intuition, and she needed to be gone.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

NYC girl Charlotte O'Shay was born into a big family and married into another big family.

The drama! The noise! The inspiration!

Negotiating skills honed at the dinner table led her to a career in the law. After four beautiful children joined the crowded family tree, Charlotte gladly traded her legal career to write about happily ever afters set in and around NYC.

When Charlotte isn't reading or writing steamy contemporaries featuring heroines in crisis and swoony heroes, she's on the hunt for that perfect pair of sunglasses. She loves to hear from readers.

Find her at:
Web: charlotteoshayauthor.com
Twitter (@charlotte_oshay)
Instagram (charlotte_oshay_author)
Facebook (Authorcharlotteoshay)

The City of Dreams series are all standalone books linked by the wedding that takes place in The Marriage Ultimatum.

Book 1, The Marriage Ultimatum ~ Sabrina & Vlad
Book 2, A Model Engagement ~ Lacey & Connor
Book 3, An Illicit Affair ~ Honey & Jake

Buy links for A Model Engagement

The Wild Rose Press:





Charlotte O'Shay will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Welcome romance author, Ellie Gray...*GIVEAWAY*

 Hi, Ellie! It's great to have you here and be a part of your tour - wishing you lots of success and sales with your latest release, Warwick's Mermaid! Let's kick off with my questions...

1.     What do you wish men understood about women?
That if they actively listen sometimes, that’s all they need to do. We don’t necessarily need them to answer or solve a problem. We just need to know they’re interested.
And… yes, we know we are sometimes irritable for no reason at all, but they don’t need to point it out!

2.     Do you only work on one book at a time?
No, not really. I usually have one main book I’m working on, but when I hit a bit of a wall, I have others that I work on. I find this helps to encourage inspiration and, when I’m concentrating on a different book, I usually find the answers to my problem just pops in when I’m not trying to solve it.

3.     Who is your favorite fictional couple?
Captain Frederick Wentworth and Anne Elliott from Persuasion.

4.     Do you have a favorite quote that sums up how you feel about life?
Do what is right, not what is easy.

5.     Do you set daily writing goals? Word count? Number of chapters? Do you get a chance to write every day?
I don’t set writing goals as I then feel as if I’m under pressure to meet them and I just get stressed and de-motivated if I don’t meet my goal. I don’t write every day either as I work full time in a fairly pressurized job. I tend to write at weekends, unless I’ve got a deadline. My eventual aim is to give up the day job and write full-time, at which point I would hope to write every day….

6.  What do you like better, Twitter or Facebook? Why?
Facebook – I find it more interactive and sociable. I like Twitter for the speed and bitesize info but it is more information push than pull.

7.     What are you working on now?
A contemporary romance, a romantic suspense and I’m editing a young adult fantasy novel. And there are two or three stories bubbling in my head at the moment too.

Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Release Date:   11 October 2017
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Having escaped an abusive relationship, Chloe MacGregor is determined to put the past behind her. The little cottage high up on the cliffs overlooking the beautiful North Yorkshire town of Whitby is her safe haven, somewhere she is free to be herself.

When the arrival of her new neighbour and boss, Luke Warwick, threatens her peaceful, sheltered life, Chloe is forced to confront her past and to re-evaluate who she really is. Falling in love with Luke is not part of her plan but, to her surprise, Luke is falling for her too. The only thing preventing their happy ever after is Chloe herself. Will she ever truly learn to leave the past where it belongs?
Chloe stared at the bright blue front door, not quite sure if she was willing it to open or remain shut. Cerulean Bliss. She had been drawn to the name, conjuring up images of crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, sandy beaches, and cloudless skies. Chris had appeared amused by her decision to choose the paint based on the name rather than the colour.
‘‘Babe, if you want Cerulean Bliss for the front door, Cerulean Bliss is what we’ll go for.’’
But when he’d returned from a boys’ weekend away to find Chloe had painted the door, it had been a different story. He had flown into a rage, claiming she hadn’t consulted with him on the colour and had gone behind his back, waiting until he was away to make changes to his house. That was the first time she had been on the receiving end of his anger; the first time she had been frightened and confused by his apparent about-turn on something he had previously agreed to. It hadn’t been the last time.
Chloe glanced at her watch, frowning when it showed only a minute had passed since she had last looked. The frown deepened when she lifted a hand to rub her eyebrow and saw how much her fingers were trembling. A gentle hand touched her forearm and she looked up to meet her friend’s calm gaze.
‘Don’t worry. It’s going to be fine.’
Chloe shook her head, unable to prevent her gaze from returning to the front door only twenty or so metres from where they were sitting in her car. What if he glanced around and saw her? What if he didn’t?
‘What am I doing, Bekah?’ She dropped her head in her hands, squeezing her eyes shut and immediately wincing as that small movement resulted in more pain than it should.
‘The right thing, that’s what.’ Rebekah rubbed her friend’s forearm. ‘Come on, Chloe. We talked about this.’
‘I know, I know we did.’ Chloe lifted her chin, but didn’t remove her gaze from the door. ‘I just…I keep thinking about it, over and over. He’s not always that bad, not really, and I think…I think maybe it was my fault.’
Chloe didn’t have to see her friend’s face to know she was angry; she could feel it radiating from her in waves. Rebekah remained silent and reached across to pull down the sun visor in front of Chloe, lifting up the small flap covering the vanity mirror.
‘There is nothing you could have done that would ever justify what he did to you. Nothing.’
Chloe stared at her reflection, taking in the dark purple bruise circling her left eye—now bloodshot and half-closed—the ugly graze reaching across her cheekbone and further down to the swollen and split bottom lip. Without thinking, she licked her lip. The tip of her tongue slipped over the injury, and she drew in a sharp breath at the sting it produced.
She met her gaze in the mirror once more, noting the confusion and uncertainty dulling their green hue. ‘I know. But it’s not usually this bad. He pushes me around a bit sometimes, nothing major, and he says things…you know, usually when he’s had a drink.’
‘That doesn’t make it right. You know that.’ Rebekah blew out a long breath. ‘I can’t believe you never told me.’
Chloe avoided her friend’s accusing gaze. What could she have told her? That Chris was proving her mother right? That she wasn’t woman enough for any man?
‘It doesn’t matter now anyway. I—’ She drew in a strangled breath as the front door opened and, shrinking down a little in her seat, Chloe prayed he wouldn’t glance down the street and recognise her car among all the others parked along the kerb.
As she watched, Chris locked the door before turning and sauntering along the path, tossing his keys in the air and catching them, his lips pursed as he whistled. Chloe couldn’t hear from this distance, but she knew he would be whistling the tune to whichever song had been on the radio before he left the house. She glanced at her watch once more; 8.15am on the dot. Chris was a creature of habit.
‘Bastard.’ Rebekah thumped the dashboard in obvious frustration as he got into his car without glancing left or right before driving off. ‘Look at him, acting as if he hasn’t a care in the world. You should have let Sean come round last night and hammer ten bells out of him, see how he liked it.’
Chloe gave a weak smile. ‘I don’t suppose that would have solved anything.’
They sat in silence for a few minutes before Rebekah finally opened her door.
‘So, come on then. Let’s do it.’
Chloe bit her lip and immediately winced in pain, wishing she hadn’t. Gingerly exploring her lip with her fingers, she saw they were stained with blood, and stifling a sigh, searched in her bag for a tissue.
‘What if he comes back? What if he’s forgotten something?’
‘He’s not coming back. He’s gone to work,’ said Rebekah, nodding her encouragement. ‘Come on, the sooner we get in, the sooner we get out. We’ll only be a few minutes.’

Ellie Gray is a contemporary romance author who loves to write heart-warming, sensual romances with characters her readers can really identify with. Her novels are set in places inspired by her own life and travels, including the beautiful UK Yorkshire countryside as well as far flung, exotic countries such as Egypt.
Currently working on her fourth novel, and still tinkering away at a young adult novel first started some years ago, Ellie loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her through any of the social media links below or through her website.

Introducing A Vicarage Christmas by Kate Hewitt... *GIVEAWAY*

Series: The Holley Sisters of Thornthwaite Bk 1
Genre: Women’s fiction/romance
Release Date: October 18, 2017
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Welcome to Thornthwaite, a quaint village tucked up in England’s beautiful but rainy Lake District… where homecomings happen and surprises are in store for the four Holley sisters…
Anna Holley, the third of four sisters, has always felt a little bit forgotten. A family tragedy when she was a child had her retreating deep into shyness, and social anxiety kept her on the fringes of the cozy, chaotic bustle of the busy vicarage.
When she finished school Anna left for Manchester and tried to avoid coming back home and the well-meaning nosiness being a Holley sister in a small village like Thornthwaite meant… but when her father says he has an important announcement to make, she’s drawn back home for the happy chaos of a vicarage Christmas.
Avoiding her sisters’ bossy questions, Anna heads out to the local pub one night, and meets a handsome stranger nursing a pint. Somehow, unburdened by expectations, Simon seems like the perfect person to spill all her secrets to—including a hopeless, long-held crush on her sister’s boyfriend. Confident she’ll never see him again, Anna returns home… only to discover the next day that Simon is actually her father’s new curate!
Anna is beyond mortified, but Simon won’t let her retreat into her usual shyness—and for once Anna is forced to confront the past, and all the fears and feelings she’d tried so long to hide. But with his own heartache that needs to heal, can Simon help Anna to make this the most magical Christmas either of them have known?


Kate Hewitt is the author of over 60 novels of women’s fiction and romance. Whatever the genre, she enjoys telling an emotionally compelling story. An American ex-pat, she now lives in a small market town in Wales with her husband and five children.

First Prize: Amazon gift card
Second Prize: Copy of A Cotswold Christmas (ecopy)

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Welcome contemporary romance author, Sarah Bennett... *GIVEAWAY*

      What was your first job? Did you like or dislike it? Why? My first job was as a Saturday girl in a Clark’s shoe shop in our local shopping precinct. I enjoyed the camaraderie with the women who worked there – all who were much older than I was. I had a horrible striped polyester shirt I had to wear, I can still picture it! I did enjoy the job as it taught me a great deal about customer service and communication. We had a lot of elderly clients who came in for the orthopaedic sandals, usually after they’d been trudging around the shops for hours so I’ve measured more than my fair share of hot, smelly feet!
2.)              Do you have a pet peeve? If so what is it? Rudeness. I was raised to hold doors, to speak politely to people who are providing me with a service and to let people out in queues of traffic. We seem to have bypassed a lot of the basic manners along the way and that makes me sad.
3.)              Would you describe your style as shabby chic, timeless elegance, eclectic, country or ___­­­_? Scruffy writer! When I’m working it’s normally scrapped-back hair and comfy pyjamas or leggings. I have to dress up for official functions as my husband is in the military, but my rules are never black or navy blue. If I have to wear a beautiful dress then I want to stand out in the crowd so I love bright colours and patterns. I’m definitely not a wallflower.
4.)              Tell me about your book Christmas at Butterfly Cove and where you got your inspiration for it? It’s the final book in a trilogy about three sisters who are all going through a major upheaval/transition in their lives. It started out as a single book, but then Mia decided to tell me all about her sisters and the series developed from there. I always had the key plot issue for Nee and Luke in my mind right from writing the first book so they’re very special to me. It’s about growing up, self-discovery and second chances.
5.)              Who is your role model? Why? I don’t really have a role model, I prefer to have a wide group of friends in my various peer groups – military spouses, romance writers etc. and to attain to the best I see in them.
6.)              How much of your book is realistic? I think it’s pretty realistic in the way it deals with the ups and downs of life. I can only hope there is really somewhere as beautiful as Butterfly Cove out there somewhere.
7.)              What are your ambitions for your writing career? I have been contracted for another three-book series for 2018 and I would like to build and expand on the phenomenal success that Butterfly Cove has been. It’s exceeded all my expectations and given me a taste for success.

8.)              Share one fact about yourself that would surprise people. I have a writing alter-ego who writes very sexy paranormal romance.
Christmas at Butterfly Cove
All she wants for Christmas…
When talented artist Nee Sutherland returns to Butterfly Cove for her sister’s wedding, it’s only a matter of time before she has to face her own bridegroom – Luke Spenser – the man she impulsively married, then left in the middle of the night.
Nee hasn’t picked up her paintbrushes in months, a part of her is broken. She knows Luke might never forgive her, leaving him was the biggest mistake of her life – but could coming home for Christmas be the best decision she’s ever made?
Maybe all she needs is a little Christmas miracle…
A delightfully feel-good festive romance, perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley, Rachael Lucas and Hilary Boyd.

Author Bio
Sarah Bennett has been reading for as long as she can remember. Raised in a family of bookworms, her love affair with books of all genres has culminated in the ultimate Happy Ever After – getting to write her own stories to share with others.

Born and raised in a military family, she is happily married to her own Officer (who is sometimes even A Gentleman). Home is wherever he lays his hat, and life has taught them both that the best family is the one you create from friends as well as relatives.

When not reading or writing, Sarah is a devotee of afternoon naps and sailing the high seas, but only on vessels large enough to accommodate a casino and a choice of restaurants.

Sarah is the author of the Butterfly Cove trilogy, published by HQ Digital UK. You can also look forward to a new series coming in 2018, set in the beautiful seaside town of Lavender Bay.

Book Links


1 winner
Prizes: £10 Amazon gift-card, butterfly necklace and butterfly journal
UK only